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covid-policy-4-3-22-2020-final.docx - CURRENT POLICIES

We are taking great strides to continue providing you with great care and keeping you safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Multiple policies have been implemented:

  • Well ChecksWe are only seeing children 18 months and younger for their well checks, so that they may continue to get critical vaccines. Further, all well checks will be scheduled in the morning only, as we do our best to separate well children from sick children. If your child is currently ill do not schedule for a morning well check.  If your child is older than 18 months and has a well check scheduled in the next few weeks, we will call you to reschedule.
  • Sick Visits: All sick children will first be scheduled for a telemedicine visit; please call to schedule this. If your child needs to be seen, the provider who sees you for the telemedicine appointment will arrange a sick visit in the afternoon. All sick children will be seen in clinic in the afternoon only. Walk-in appointments for strep tests or other issues are currently not available.
  • Non-urgent Appointments: Other non-urgent appointments, including mental health concerns and medication checks, will be conducted by telemedicine. If you are currently on our schedule, we will contact you with information about how they will proceed. 
  • Patient Safety: Multiple measures have been taken to keep you safe in our office.
    • All staff members will be wearing masks, eye protection, and gloves when they interact with your child. 
    • Any child or parent with fever or respiratory symptoms will wear a mask while in our facility.
    • We have eliminated our waiting room, and you will be called from your car and directly ushered to your room. 
    • All well children will be seen in the morning, and all sick children will be seen in the afternoon

Telemedicine Visits

We are pleased to be able to provide telemedicine in appropriate situations to our families.  With Telemedicine visits we are able to obtain a good history, limited exam and provide you with a plan of treatment without coming into the office.  In some cases we will ask you to come in for a lab test such as Rapid Strep or a brief exam if we are concerned about an ear infection in younger children, pneumonia at any age or in other situations.  Because Telemedicine visits allow us to provide most services that you would receive during an office visit, we will send a bill for our service to your insurance company and your insurance may apply co-payments.  Please call our office at 952-922-4200 if you wish to schedule a Telemedicine visit.

If you have a scheduled Telemedicine visit, go to about 3-5 minutes before your scheduled time.  You will be asked to select which provider you will be seeing from a drop-down list and then enter the PATIENT’S NAMEnot parent’s name.  Be patient if you don’t see your provider on the screen right away as they are probably doing another visit and will be with you within a few minutes of the appointed time.  New telemedicine users may wish to go to the website early to do a “Pre-Call Test” (lower left corner of the screen) to be sure your device and internet connection are adequate.  To help with an efficient Telemedicine visit here are some tips:

·      Newer generation cell phones (iPhone 11, even earlier models, etc.) have wonderful cameras and work better than laptop computers allowing you to move the camera around so that we may examine your child.

·      Close Apps or programs you are not using (or restart computer)

·      Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers work best.

·      Have a small penlight available to aid in exam (with most cell phones you are not able to use the camera and flashlight at the same time).

·      For infants and toddlers with fever or respiratory symptoms have them undressed and wrapped in a blanket so they are already comfortable and ready to be examined.


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