NEW: In December, children 6 months - 5 years were approved by the FDA to receive a bivalent COVID booster  

for the Moderna vaccine series and for the Pfizer vaccine series if not all 3 Pfizer doses have been given.*

Are you wondering which COVID vaccine your child needs and when?

  • The COVID vaccine schedule is increasingly complicated. Check out this nice overview graphic from the CDC, as well as more specific information about each age and vaccine option here
  • If your child is moderately - severely immunocompromised, you can find their vaccine schedule here.
  • Still with questions? We understand! Portal message "Vaccine Department" or your primary care provider directly.

Do you have questions if the COVID vaccine is right for your child?

  • We realize there is a lot of information and misinformation about COVID vaccines available to you. We value your trust! Feel free to portal message your primary care provider directly with your questions and concerns. Other helpful resources include the CDC and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Center COVID Vaccine FAQs.

Upcoming Flu & COVID Vaccine Registration 

Well Visit Vaccinations

Does your child have an upcoming well visit?

  • For children 6 months-5 years, Moderna monovalent vaccines (doses #1 and #2) and the new bivalent vaccine (dose #3) are available daily at all well visits through March 2023! 
    • The Moderna bivalent vaccine (dose #3) is recommended if its been more than 2 months since dose #2.
    • *For children 6 months - 4 years who completed the Pfizer vaccine primary series (doses #1, 2 and 3), a Pfizer bivalent booster is not yet recommended. For children this age who received only the first 2 doses of their Pfizer primary series, a Pfizer bivalent booster is recommended instead for dose #3.  We do not have this vaccine series in stock. Check here for other vaccine locations, including the Mall of America -- a well-run, kid-friendly Pfizer vaccination site.
  • For children 5 years-11 years, the bivalent booster vaccine (dose #3 or #4) is available daily at well visits through March 2023!
  • To reserve Moderna or Pfizer booster doses at a WELL VISIT, please portal message "Vaccine Department" in advance.
  • Flu shots remain available daily, including to parents under the age of 64 years. Parents should portal message "Vaccine Department" to get on the schedule.

Vaccine-only Appointments

Want to schedule a Flu and/or COVID vaccine appointment for your child?  

  • For children 6 months - 5 years, we will be offering Moderna monovalent (doses #1 and #2) and bivalent (dose #3) daily at nurse visits through March 2023. 
  • For children 5 - 11 years, we will be offering Pfizer monovalent (doses #1 and #2) once a month and bivalent (dose #3 or #4) at nurse visits on every Wednesday through March 2023.
  • To schedule, call the office or portal message "Vaccine Department" to request an appointment.
  • Our clinics for Pfizer bivalent boosters for those 12 years and older have ended. 
  • You can find other convenient locations for any age group by clicking here, or check out your local retail pharmacy!   

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