NEW: On September 12th, 2023, the FDA and CDC formally recommended a new COVID-19 booster vaccine

for ALL individuals 6 months and older. Details from the CDC HERE

Moderna 2023 COVID-19 vaccine for ages 6 months and up IS AVAILABLE for PATIENTS ONLY due to manufacture delays and supply shortages.

Upcoming Flu & COVID Vaccine Registration 

Well Visit Vaccinations

Does your child have an upcoming well visit?

  • We are offering the Flu shot (ages 6 months to 64 years) and the Flu mist (ages 2-49 with some restrictions) at well visits. 
  • We are offering Moderna COVID-19 2023-2024 updated vaccines (ages 6 months and up). Parents should portal message "Vaccine Department" to reserve a Moderna dose for any sibling in advance of their well visit.

Can parents and siblings get their Flu and Moderna COVID vaccines at that time too?

  • At this time due to manufacture delays and shortages parents are ONLY able to get a Flu vaccine at their child's well visit. Siblings are still welcome to get a COVID and Flu vaccines at well visits.
  • Parents and siblings are encouraged to get their Flu vaccine at the time of your child's scheduled well visit, but must be preregistered to do so. Parents must portal message "Vaccine Department" to get all family members desiring Flu vaccination on the schedule in advance.  

We are currently FULL for vaccine only appointments through December due to huge demand and staffing and space limitations. We understand this is disappointing, and we are trying our best to come up with creative solutions to add more vaccination appointments. 

Additional opportunities to be vaccinated: 


Offering Moderna and Pfizer for all ages 6m+. Walk in available, 9 am-4pm daily Monday-Friday. 

Location: 6014 Lakeland Ave N, Crystal, MN 55428

Sign up for the Flu SHOT, Flu MIST, and/or Moderna COVID-19 booster vaccines by clicking on the time in blue

All vaccine clinics are held at Pediatric Services. Some vaccine clinics are hosted by our community partner, Homeland Health, at our location as noted on the calendar. Find out more about Homeland Health here

November 2023









Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about this new COVID booster. What makes it different?

·      The new COVID-19 booster, approved for fall 2023, targets one of the currently circulating strains of COVID-19 called XBB1.5. The prior versions of the vaccine did not provide effective protection from this strain. The updated Moderna booster also showed effectiveness against other newer variants, such as XBB.1.16, EG.5.1, and BA.2.86 in trials. 

But my child got Pfizer before. Is it OK to switch to a Moderna COVID booster?

·      Yes! The CDC has allowed a “mix and match” approach for COVID-19 boosters for individuals over age 5 years, meaning that your booster does not have to be the same brand as your primary series for this age group. Additionally, due to the limited availability of Moderna for ages 6m-11y, the Minnesota Department of Health has encouraged providers to allow mix and match for ALL ages. 

Why should my child (or I) get a COVID booster now? Isn't COVID over?

·      The CDC, FDA, American Academy of Pediatrics, and your trusted healthcare providers at Pediatric Services all recommend staying up to date on COVID-19 boosters. While the severe COVID-19 requiring hospitalization and long term health issues are less common in children than in adults, it can still happen, and data shows that the COVID-19 vaccine is effective in preventing severe hospitalization and death in all age groups. Find more information here

Who is Homeland Health, who is hosting some of your clinics?

·      We are partnering with Homeland Health to help provide our patients and families with more convenient opportunities to get vaccinated, without pulling our staff from their daily clinic work and affecting patient care. Homeland Health will primarily provide vaccination appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can learn more about them here.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Influenza Vaccines

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