If you do not have a Telemedicine appointment and would like one, please call our office at 952-922-4200 to schedule an appointment. Return here 5 minutes prior to your appointment.

Preparing for Your Telemedicine Visit

After reading this document, please click the continue button about 3-5 minutes before your scheduled visit time. You will be asked to select which Provider you will be seeing from a drop-down list and then enter the PATIENT’S NAME, not parent’s name. Be patient if you don’t see your provider on the screen right away as they are probably doing another visit and will be with you within a few minutes of the appointed time. New telemedicine users may wish to go to the website early to do a “Pre-Call Test” (lower left corner of screen) to be sure your device and internet connection are adequate. To help with an efficient Telemedicine visit here are some tips:

  • Use strong Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, try to avoid cellular wireless data connection on your cell phone because it may not be fast enough.
  • Newer generation cell phones (iPhone 11, X, even some earlier models, etc.) have wonderful cameras and work better than laptop computers and allow you to move the camera around to examine your child easily.
  • Close Apps or programs you are not using (or restart computer)
  • Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers work best.
  • Have a small penlight available to aid in exam (with most cellphones you are not able to use the camera and flashlight at the same time).
  • Have a pen and piece of paper available to take notes during your visit
  • Set your phone down in front of you so that your Provider can see you, because holding the phone and moving around affects video and sound quality.
  • For infants and toddlers with fever or respiratory symptoms have them undressed and wrapped in blanket so they are already comfortable and ready to be examined.
  • Please Do Not schedule Telemedicine visits during your child’s naptime or when your child is not available to be with you during the visit.
  • If surveys were sent to you or your child prior to your Telemedicine visit please complete and return them to our office prior to your visit.

Because Telemedicine visits allow us to provide most services that you would normally receive during an office visit, we will send a bill for our services to your insurance company. Your insurance may pass co-payments or other cost sharing on to you for payment just as you normally would have for a similar visit in the office.

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